Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So... not much new to show, life happens. I built some new molds, including a new face, this weekend. Monday I went to an overnight conservation camp with my daughter and our home schooling group. We had great fun. In 32 hours we practiced archery, went canoeing, kayaking, fishing, stargazing (with a professional astronomer), told "scar stories," went on a nature hike, and did a craft project... I won an award for best craft project! Parents were considered campers too so we got to participate in everything.

So I expected to come back and make a hand mold but I spent yesterday in the ER with my son who was hit in the face with a baseball bat by his cousin while I was at camp. Today was spent at doctor's offices. He's fine, the worst of the damage is a few teeth knocked out of place that should heal, and a busted lip. I am not sure when more doll work will happen! I need to catch up on school work with my girl, then maybe I can justify some china painting. The molds should be dry enough to cast some new parts soon. The I'll have some new things to work with. Thanks for following my work, feedback and friendly words keep me motivated!


  1. Oh my goodness.... that has got to be unbelievably painfuk :-O

    Keep it up Kelly... your art is amazing, I think you are showing your individuality so much!