Friday, September 10, 2010


Last weekend I took my family to a working historical farm where they were having an 1850's county fair "interpretation." A man was set up taking ambrotypes so I had my daughter, Belle, photographed. I LOVE this image. It was taken with a big camera on wooden legs, the accordion-shaped body, the black cape and all, and was developed on glass with a silver solution. Belle was playing cricket and the photographer had the idea to include a cricket bat and ball in the picture. She enjoyed the whole thing, the attention mostly, and she stood very still for so the photo didn't blur. The actual exposure was four seconds, but she stood still for a good while waiting for the set up. I will always treasure this!
I have been so happy how many people who know my daughter have seen my doll and told me immediately that it looks just like Belle. I must have got it right! Even with the extremely different coloring the features are right. My next set of parts will be painted to look like Belle. With the first doll I was afraid to do much with the paint so I left it very pale. I will start a new one this weekend. Watch for new posts soon!


  1. That is an adorable photo! I love the old black and white photos.

  2. I wish it had been centered better, but the photographer was super nice and he only charged $20.I was thrilled just to have this photo taken.

  3. That's awesome! I've been dying to meet one of the photographers who does traditional 19th century photos (there are almost none of them in the upper midwest). The photo turned out just beautifully. :)

  4. that's so special, really very beautiful!
    that gave me an idea, to maybe get such a photo taken as a wedding photo when my boyfriend and me get married one day!

  5. When I saw the picture I thought you were going to say: "And here is a photograph of my grandmother when she was a little girl"
    Oh! What a special thing to have, I would love to have a picture taken like this one day :-)