Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So... not much new to show, life happens. I built some new molds, including a new face, this weekend. Monday I went to an overnight conservation camp with my daughter and our home schooling group. We had great fun. In 32 hours we practiced archery, went canoeing, kayaking, fishing, stargazing (with a professional astronomer), told "scar stories," went on a nature hike, and did a craft project... I won an award for best craft project! Parents were considered campers too so we got to participate in everything.

So I expected to come back and make a hand mold but I spent yesterday in the ER with my son who was hit in the face with a baseball bat by his cousin while I was at camp. Today was spent at doctor's offices. He's fine, the worst of the damage is a few teeth knocked out of place that should heal, and a busted lip. I am not sure when more doll work will happen! I need to catch up on school work with my girl, then maybe I can justify some china painting. The molds should be dry enough to cast some new parts soon. The I'll have some new things to work with. Thanks for following my work, feedback and friendly words keep me motivated!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The other head. A few words about mohair and sewing machines... bad, naughty, evil... not really being fair to the mohair, it';s the sewing machine I dislike... or it dislikes me. As usual, the first bit I tried to weft came out fine. The machine likes to lure me into a false sense of success. Then it gets ugly, it jams, the thread snaps, and 45 minutes later I give up and do it by hand. Never fails.

I have to say that the face looks remarkably like an older version of my little girl. I held it up to her and noticed one thing with the eyes that would make a big difference in the likeness. I want to make a younger proportioned body on day, one that could work for a little boy or girl. My son asks me often, Where is the doll of me?" He would be soooo cute. i also want to make a little 5 year-ish faun doll, a young lady centaur, a dryad, an older young woman, a man... augh! No time! One day...

I will take a better photo outside tomorrow. When I have more to photo I will get a better camera to use. I use a snapshot Canon, and with poor light the photos are pretty crappy. But I can't wait to share! Please comment, friends! Am I gonna hafta have a contest to lure people into my blog?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My second doll

Here are my two finished girls together, having a chat. The darker body was actually made for a different head, which needed more paint touch-ups, so I put this head on , that's why its a little lighter than the body. I learned more, need to still iron out some issues. Mostly I need more sizes of springs. Feedback is appreciated. My family, children included, have given me lots already. Xavier, 5, does not like the head that looks like his sister (not shown). More photos on Flickr.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Doll #2 and an extra head, paint layer 2. The 3rd layer of paint is on, and it is in the kiln. I'm working out my issues with china paint, we're learning to get along.

Ordering springs today did not go well. The man on the phone, Bob from Kentucky, treated me like I was stupid. I probably sounded stupid, maybe because I'm from Kentucky, and also because I had no idea what to ask for, and also because I was yelling at my five-year-old. I started to explain what I needed them for and he interrupted with, "I don't care what they're for." I hate people like that. He wants me to mail him the springs I have ( which are too small) so he can determine what I need, even though he doesn't know what they're for. Sigh.

Molding the new parts... another sigh. More work needed there. I also can't keep the cat out of my mohair, I'm back to one wig.

Thanks for kind words and support from everyone. I showed my first doll to a lady and she exclaimed with delight that it was like a little fairy. That's exactly what I want to hear!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Last weekend I took my family to a working historical farm where they were having an 1850's county fair "interpretation." A man was set up taking ambrotypes so I had my daughter, Belle, photographed. I LOVE this image. It was taken with a big camera on wooden legs, the accordion-shaped body, the black cape and all, and was developed on glass with a silver solution. Belle was playing cricket and the photographer had the idea to include a cricket bat and ball in the picture. She enjoyed the whole thing, the attention mostly, and she stood very still for so the photo didn't blur. The actual exposure was four seconds, but she stood still for a good while waiting for the set up. I will always treasure this!
I have been so happy how many people who know my daughter have seen my doll and told me immediately that it looks just like Belle. I must have got it right! Even with the extremely different coloring the features are right. My next set of parts will be painted to look like Belle. With the first doll I was afraid to do much with the paint so I left it very pale. I will start a new one this weekend. Watch for new posts soon!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Hands in Wax

Just slightly different, mostly the right one. I straitened the fingers and spread them a bit. I am working on new legs. They're almost finished but progress is slow, not much time to work on them with so much else to do. I moved the thumbs in a bit after this photo was taken. I looked at my doll last night and realized that her hands reminded me of C3PO, with his oddly protruding thumbs. They will be easier to get through a dress sleeve too.