Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Doll #2 and an extra head, paint layer 2. The 3rd layer of paint is on, and it is in the kiln. I'm working out my issues with china paint, we're learning to get along.

Ordering springs today did not go well. The man on the phone, Bob from Kentucky, treated me like I was stupid. I probably sounded stupid, maybe because I'm from Kentucky, and also because I had no idea what to ask for, and also because I was yelling at my five-year-old. I started to explain what I needed them for and he interrupted with, "I don't care what they're for." I hate people like that. He wants me to mail him the springs I have ( which are too small) so he can determine what I need, even though he doesn't know what they're for. Sigh.

Molding the new parts... another sigh. More work needed there. I also can't keep the cat out of my mohair, I'm back to one wig.

Thanks for kind words and support from everyone. I showed my first doll to a lady and she exclaimed with delight that it was like a little fairy. That's exactly what I want to hear!


  1. Don't you just love those kinds of people? If you had your husband call I bet that man would have never said that to him!
    Anyway she is looking splendid! I guess I will soon (I hope) find out what your talking about with the china paint. I love subtle coloring too! I love the painting on doll #2 it's a little more darker and defined yet I still love the first too! They both have there merits. :)

  2. She's turning out beautifully!

    As for Bob... if you call him again and he is rude to you, ask to talk to his boss. It may not get you the springs you need, but at least you can get him in trouble for being a jerk. It doesn't matter who's calling him or what they're asking for, he should be treating customers with respect!