Thursday, November 25, 2010

Destiny, finished. I finally got springs that are just right for stringing my doll. They had to be custom made to be strong enough to hold but narrow enough to fit in the tiny forearm. I am delighted to see this girl finished. She's wearing a pretty vintage handkerchief that I'll ake into a dress when I get the time. The second pink/ peach (Dresden) doll will be finished this week, and she may be for sale. Two white dolls are in the works and will be ready in December.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New girls: new slip color (Dresden), new face (in the white hair). The top unpainted head is white, the lower dresden. The left body is painted, the right is unpainted. I'm tried to keep a light and natural complexion on these faces. These girls are based on my beautiful daughter (right) and niece (left). What do you think? Honest feedback is fine with me.

I have my new springs!!!! They are just right--after searching for months and then having to place a custom order. Hopefully there will be some progress this weekend. I'm hoping to have a few girls ready to sell by December. This has been such a learning experience. Every step has had multiple setbacks, and there have been so many steps in the process! Keep watching for updates, they will be more often now. Thanks for following! -----Kelly

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am not currently able to put photos on my computer so I haven't bothered to update in a while! I will have a new doll finished in a week or two, depending on when my new springs arrive. I am hoping to have a few dolls ready to sell. I am going to put one on ebay at some point, too, just for fun. That will be after the first 5 people who are on my list have their dolls. It is exciting to get to this point! So stay tuned, new photos soon!