Tuesday, March 22, 2011


        Spring has finally decided to stick around here for a few days in a row! I brought one of my girls out for photos. She was much more cooperative than my two-year-old boy, who wouldn't sit near the pretty flowers because there were roly-poly bugs in the mulch.

         I was bored recently and went look at mohair on etsy. I couldn't decide which of the pretty bright colors I wanted, so my husband, Scott,  decided to order them all (almost -he nearly bought out that person's etsy store). I really can't wait to do something with these. I will  need some more dolls to wear the new wigs. Unfortunately, my kiln got wet this last week due to too much rain and a failed basement pump! It was unplugged, but I'm not sure how high the water was so I don't know if it's damaged yet. I do have several sets of parts about ready for their final firing. I have an alternate kiln I can use if I can't use mine. We'll see how things go! I'm also working on some improvements to this doll, two  new dolls, and I can't wait to start on a centaur body- I need more time to work!
       So my thought was a rainbow striped wig and a rainbow-haired centaur. Scott tried to forbid me to from making anything "My Little Pony-like," but I just giggled maniacally at him.  I don't know what I'm going to do next.


  1. Love the green mohair, it'll make for a very pretty little moss child!

  2. hee! she looks like she's having so much fun up there! and ooo, can't wait to see what dollies you come up with for those lovely bits of mohair. *eyes the green one especially* I hope your kiln is okay!