Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This girl had taken me so long to finish! Whew! Work time is so limited, I'm not letting myself stay up late to work, and it's been cold here. I don't work well in the cold, and our furnace is dying. I'm so ready for spring.

I've had  people contacting  me about buying dolls. I realized I haven't put any info here about that. I hope to have some dolls for sale this spring. The next few are spoken for, and I have to re-mold some parts. Send me a message, and I'll let you know when I have a doll for available.

I am hoping to finish some new dolls before too long. I have a a bigger girl and a toddler boy in the works.  My son has been bothering me to make a boy! It may be summer before I mold those, but it took me all last year to make this one girl, so... who knows!

Thanks for everyone's awesome support!


  1. Was this little tan skinned dark beauty a commission too? Were you thinking of setting up an etsy shop?

  2. This was a commission, and yes, I have looked into Etsy. I'm thinking about it! I've got to quit buying things from Etsy, though.

  3. Wow I have not been here in a long time! This doll does look tan and she's very pretty, I love the way she's sitting, the leg joints are working really good!