Monday, January 24, 2011

This is my new girl, Hyacinth. I pretty much love her. She turned out just the way I was hoping!
Th necklace is a gift from Paige over at the Enchanted forum. Thanks a bunch, Paige, it's beautiful. I have another girl close to being finished. She'll be on here hopefully next week.


  1. KELLY!!!!!!!


    Hyacinth is utterly exquisite! Don't sell this girl, tell me you'll keep her forever!!!

    She is the most beautiful, sweet little girl... reminds me a little bit of the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio.. but in the last photo she also has a charming cheeky quality to her, her youth and playfullness coming through.

    She is utterly gorgeous, I LOVE her!!!!

    *HUGS* You are amazing!

  2. Thanks SOOO much, Monika! I think I almost sold her this weekend, but I really have gotten attached to her, and I think she's the one I want to keep.

  3. She's precious. Kelly, will you post one with the new wig you made? I love it so much.