Thursday, April 28, 2011

As usual, work has been slow. But this little girl is nearly done, and another will be done shortly. She will actually be a blonde, as this wig is borrowed. I attempted another of the "Destiny" faces this time, and it was coming out much better than the first, but as I was removing it from the kiln it rolled of the kiln brick and broke. I had forgotten to peg it in place with a wire. Then I dropped and  broke one of my upper arm parts when I was applying the last layer of paint. Frustrating!

I am working on some new doll designs. No promises on progress -- only time will tell. I will have a free week in about a month when my children will be visiting family, and I hope to work the whole week on dolls- when I'm not on my horse :)

Thanks to all who visit my blog and who have bought my dolls. It means so much to me!


  1. bah, i can only imagine your frustration when things you work so hard on break due to an accident. But I hope you're able to work on your dolls that free week! They're so lovely. Hehe. *hugs*