Friday, November 19, 2010

New girls: new slip color (Dresden), new face (in the white hair). The top unpainted head is white, the lower dresden. The left body is painted, the right is unpainted. I'm tried to keep a light and natural complexion on these faces. These girls are based on my beautiful daughter (right) and niece (left). What do you think? Honest feedback is fine with me.

I have my new springs!!!! They are just right--after searching for months and then having to place a custom order. Hopefully there will be some progress this weekend. I'm hoping to have a few girls ready to sell by December. This has been such a learning experience. Every step has had multiple setbacks, and there have been so many steps in the process! Keep watching for updates, they will be more often now. Thanks for following! -----Kelly


  1. Kelly they're beautiful! So so glad your springs have arrived! I honestly can't choose which I like better, the right one looks like she's a bit more guarded, while the left one looks more open. Three guesses as to which can keep a secret longer! Hehehe. *hugs!*

  2. They're really lovely! It's been neat to watch your process on Enchanted <3

  3. I like Noxy's comment, to try and guess which of these two girls could keep a secret longer, not sure, I'll have to use up all three of my guesses ;-)

    I think one of the reasons I like Belle's face a bit more is that her expression is more ambiguous, it leaves a bit more room for personal projection.

    I think it will be fun to experiment with how eyebrow shapes will change Destiny's expression - right now she comes across as an excited little girl with eyes wide open and eyebrows raised up in surprise. "Nervous" eyebrows (how do I explain? You know... like Pearl's eyebrows) matched with her large open eyes and open lips might give her quite a cute expression :-)